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An In-Depth Look at Flight Pro Sim

If there is any game that lets you fly airplanes like a real-world pilots without having to leave the comforts of your own home then it is Flight Pro Sim. There has been quite a number flight simulators before and some have even hit critical and commercial success but this one is the very first to have truly taken advantage of the numerous advancements in technology and video game design to date. Numerous Flight simulator games reviews have already rated the game as the essential simulator for anyone with a knack for flying and it is even being used by flight instructors and the military.

One of the biggest problems that so many flight simulators face is realism. They usually claim to be as realistic as possible but many of them feel like arcade games. The cockpits may feel gimmicky, the flight conditions may seem controlled, and there just aren’t enough options to make it feel like you’re flying a real plane or helicopter. Instead you feel like you are playing an arcade video game in the mall. This is where Flight Pro Sim differs.

One of the best benefits you get is that this simulator has so many options for you to choose from. No matter what kind of flight situation you want to try, the game will have the options to make it happen. In this review, you’ll get a detailed look at the numerous benefits you get:

Numerous Options for You to Choose From

There are 150+ different planes for you to choose from. That is right, you’re not just limited to the usual passenger planes because now you can choose vintage propellers, foreign nation planes, private helicopters, military aircraft's, medical helicopters, and even the original plane used in 1903 by the Wright Brothers.

You have 20,000+ different locations. This includes the usual international airports found all over the globe but you are also given hospital landing pads, aircraft carrier strips, and the freedom to create your own location. You can use the built-in designer to make your own landing strip and scenery.
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Creativity at the Palm of Your Hands

Speaking of scenery, this flight simulator integrates Google Maps and its 3D rendering to create actual satellite-based areas. This means that the landing strip on the airport, the mountains and forests you pass by, and the cities you hover over are dead-accurate. You can even plot a flight to pass right over your very home. If you want to get a little creative you can use the same editor to make your own landscape.

Affordability and Practicality

When you buy Flight Pro Sim you actually get the option to get the Flight Pro Sim free download or a physical copy (4 DVD’s) if you prefer to have a physical installer wherever you go. The program can be uninstalled and re-installed an unlimited number of times so it won’t be a problem if you have to reformat your computer from time to time.

To top it all off, the retail Flight Pro Sim price has been slashed down. The usual retail price of $97.95 has recently been cut down to just $47. You not only get practically a 50% discount but you are also given a lifetime guarantee of free updates, patches, and upgrades. You’ll never have to pay for new planes or new locations.

There are tens if not hundreds of flight simulators out there. But not all of them offer realism and practicality. Those that do are ridiculously expensive. If you want to get all the options and realistic settings that any modern simulator should give, then there is no better choice than Flight Pro Sim.

Pro Flight Simulator is the last flight simulator that you will ever need. There is no other flight simulator game that has more features, more flexible options, and more affordable deals than this. As a matter of fact, Pro Flight Simulator reviews have marked the game as the essential material used to train military pilots, commercial pilots, and has been used for training civilians who go on one-week training packages. Before these people ever hop on a real plane or helicopter, you can expect that they had spent some time in front of Pro Flight Simulator. Just take into consideration this Pro Flight Simulator review.

So what does the Pro Flight Simulator have to make it stand out from the rest? The best way to put it is to simply state this game as the most realistic simulator available today. The technology hasn’t been up to par until now and this program takes advantage of everything available. Here is a list of some of the pros and cons for you to look into:

    There are over one hundred fifty different air-crafts. You initially start with twenty but once you got the game installed and connected you’ll be able to download over a hundred more. You’ll discover that almost every kind of aircraft ever known to man is available. You’ll be able to fly military-grade helicopters to civilian passenger airbuses. To make this even more realistic, this flight simulator also uses realistic flight controls. The gauges, the meters, and the design of the cockpit are all modeled after their real-life counterparts.
  With this simulator you also get complete ATC features. This means you’re not just going to fly the plane. You’ll also be responsible for taxi maneuvers, connecting to gateways, trafficking to runways, and others. This makes it the essential virtual flight simulator program for those who truly intend to be passenger pilots since it gives them the opportunity to maneuver the aircraft in airport locations.
 The landscape and scenery are all based on real satellite images. The game actually uses military data and images from Google Maps to give you the most detailed 3D scenery and maps that you could ever find. You won’t be looking at 3D rendered imitations of the real world; you’ll actually be flying on maps rendered by satellites taken in real-time.
    You also have the ability to fly in different weather conditions. You can use real-time weather so if it is raining in Hong Kong you’ll find that your simulation will make you fly over Hong Kong during rainy conditions. If you want to though, you always have the option to customize the weather.
    There is also a multi-player feature. That’s right, you’re not just going to try flying a simulated plane but you will also have the option to fly amidst other pilots just like the way it is in the real world. Using the Google Maps feature, you’ll get to see where the other players are on the map and you’ll even be given their basic route details just the same actual pilots are.
    When you buy Pro Flight Simulator now you’ll discover that the usual retail price of $98.99 has been cut down to $48.99. You are also given the option to either get a soft copy with the Pro Flight Simulator download or to get a 4-DVD physical copy. The low Pro Flight Simulator price is perhaps the most affordable offer in the market today, especially considering that you are given a lifetime of updates like new locations and new airplanes.

Of course where there are pros there will be cons. If there is anything to say against this program, it is its level of difficulty. The game is fairly average to the standard flight simulator fan or to actual pilots but it is a real load of work for novices. Luckily there are a few tutorials to get them started.
Pro Flight Simulator – Concluding Thoughts

If you wanted the most realistic simulator that lets you fly real planes, with realistic cockpits, over real satellite image maps and actual weather conditions, then this is where you need to go. In fact, it is used by flight instructors and the military. Download Pro Flight Simulator now, get the additional upgrades, and begin your adventure over the skies.

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